Berlin – Explore The Cultural Legacy Of Germany

Being the capital city of Germany, Berlin has always been a major tourist attraction of the country. The museums and parks in the city speak about the political saga of Germany and the impact of the First and the Second World Wars on its social life and culture. It was an entirely different experience that allowed us to learn a lot about the history and ethnicity of Germany.

  • Reichstag Building

Located at Platz der Republik, Reichstag Building is a popular landmark in Berlin and every year millions of tourists visit the place. The construction of the structure was completed in the year 1894. The place was originally built to house the Reichstag of the German Empire.  During the World War II, the entire building was set on fire. The ruins were rebuilt and fully renovated in the year 1999. The place is known for its magnificent glass dome tour. We had a great time visiting this historic site, thanks to our guide who was quite helpful.

  • Topography of Terror

The Topography of Terror is a great historical museum in Berlin that attracts lots of foreign tourists to this city. The place used to be the SS headquarters during the Nazi regime. It was also the seat of Gestapo until the bombings that took place in 1945. The site is now a Documentation center that exhibits lots of historic relics and war memorabilia that mainly includes photographs.

  • Pergamon Museum

The Pergamon Museum is the most popular art museum in the whole of Germany. The place is quite big and has a special antiquity collection which is known for its Pergamon Altar that dates back to the 2nd century BC. There are also separate sections that house a Middle East Museum and an Islamic Art Museum where you can find lots of centuries-old artworks from different parts of Asia and Europe.