Lima – A City Soaked In History & Aesthetic Delights

The 2nd driest world capital after Cairo rises on top of the longest coastline of cliffs. Lima has so much to offer to its people and tourists and some of them include the stately museums, art galleries, religious processions and the crowded night life. If you are visiting Lima for the first time, do not miss the culinary that dates back to 400 years.

  • Museo Larco

The museum is known for its large and well presented ceramic displays. It was founded by Rafael Larco Hoyle in the year 1926. Some of the best collection of the museum includes more than 50 thousand pots with ceramic designs from Nazca, Chancay, Chimu, Inca, and Cupisnique cultures. The museum also has gold and other jewels. All in all, it is a great museum, which is definitely worth visiting.

  • Iglesia De Santo Domingo

This is one of the most religious sites in Lima and the massive convent is constructed on land which was granted to Friar Vicente de Valverde as he accompanied Pizarro during the conquest. The church was completed in 16th century and the spectacular pink church was again remodeled several times since then.

This archaeological complex is located around 31 km southeast of city center and is made of stone and adobe palaces in addition to temple pyramids. This was one of the most prominent sites and topmost city during the arrival of the Spanish. It started as a ceremonial center for the people of Lima and their culture and was expanded later by the Waris prior to the takeover by Ichsma. The best part about this attractive spot is that the Incas included several other structures when they arrived in the year 1450. The name Pachacamac means the creator of land and time and is derived from Wari God and one can see the image in the museum.