Rouen: This City Is A Must – Visit In France

We took a family trip to Rouen with a desire to explore. We stayed at Mercure Rouen Centre Cathedrale which is also known as Rouen Cathedral. It is a standard 125 room hotel in an excellent location and has 4 suites overlooking Notre Dame Cathedral. It is situated on the river Seine. We took a quick bite at La Place, an Asian brasserie where we enjoyed the delicious duck foiegras and petits choux with crab.

Places to visit

We then went to the History of Medics, which is a gallery containing more than 8 rooms that exhibit the room which is the birthplace of Flaubert and the place where his father was employed as a surgeon. Here Flaubert had resided and his writing was done here for about 35 years. We halted at Hotel De Bourgtheroulde which was a mansion turned hotel.  After having some wine there, we encountered the GrosHorloge. It is a large clock which was constructed many centuries ago.

Following this, after having breakfast at the hotel, we went to St. Maclou Church. We had our lunch at the Gill Cote Bistro where the chef Gill Tournadre and his wife Sylvie have cornered the market with their culinary experiences. Here lunch for two costs about 50 Euros. One may even visit La Couronne that offers lunch at 25 Euros.

It is recommended that one visit Rouen for at least a week because this place has plenty to offer. Also, make sure to explore this place either on foot or on the cycle, so you can get the complete feel of it. It is easily connected to various big cities of the country. So, if you are visiting here do make sure to click a lot of pictures and shop the French Way.