Turin: Exploring Turin On An Affordable Budget

Turin is located in the northern part of Italy and happens to be the capital city of Piedmont. The city is majorly known for the cuisine and the architecture it offers to the visitors wherein the Alps to the northwest, old cafes, boulevards, squares, and baroque buildings are the main hub spots for the regular footfall.

The holy shroud of Turin which is also known as the Sacra Sindone is the most famous attraction in the whole of Turin and is in the Duomo Di San Giovanni that remains open when a mass is not taking place. The shroud is very rarely opened except on certain specific occasions and hence as a substitute, there is a duplicate on the altar. The next supposed opening is scheduled in 2025.

If you want to check out the car industry of Turin then you should visit the Musée dell automobiles wherein the fees of Duomo are free. The city is close to France has a lot of influence from the same country especially in the cuisine wherein you would get cheaper prices at a bar rather than a table. If you are looking out for drinking and spending some time around this place, then you would get the best student crowd on Thursdays as these are termed as the student nights with drinks and cover charges being comparatively lesser.

The piazzas, especially around the areas like via Carlo Alberto, Parco San Valentino, and San Quintino, set up a lot of tables in the summer seasons, hence making an even livelier atmosphere all around the city. Hence we come to the conclusion that Turin which is located in the northern part is somewhat an underrated and unexplored place but this gives you a chance to experience reality in cheaper and more original form.